Data processing and renaming - simple, efficient and fast !!!

Rename Catia V5 files with EngGraph Renamer

The EngGraph-Renamer is a simple and clear software and will allow the user to customize, rename extensive tree structures efficiently and quickly as your needs.

Catia structure rename

Search and replace text
Insert, cut, fill text

Name convert

Lowercase to uppercase, uppercase to lowercase, remove special characters


File name, part number, and instance name
Revision, definition, nomenclature and description

Functions for

File naming / renaming

If multiple parts have to be renamed collectively, the EngGraph Renamer will do this in seconds. If only partial areas of a name are renamed also that is done in seconds.


Find and replace text, paste, cut and fill


Text Small – in uppercase, uppercase, lowercase, special characters


Part number and instance name
Revision, definition, nomenclature and description

Software and Documentation

EngGraph Renamer for Catia V5

Catia V5 Renamer for free: 30 days trial

With the trial version, you can test the full functionality for 30 days free of charge and without obligation.


EngGraph Renamer in Aktion

EngGraph Renamer Intro