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About us

Based on 15 years of experience in engineering, we offer our customers innovative and customized solutions, whereby individual advice is just as self-evident as on-site support. Founded in 2015, EngGraph Solutions GmbH with main office in Blitzenreute, Baden-Württemberg, is an international engineering company specializing in the following areas:

CAD Design

Catia V5 and SIEMENS NX


Process Simulate and RobCad

Planning and plant layout

Process Designer and Microstation


Parts, small series and devices

Reverse Engineering

Geomagic Wrap / Design and Catia V5

3D Scan

Artec Eva / Spider , Steinblicher Comet

3D Druck and Rapid Prototyping

ZPrinter ProJet460plus and FormLab 2, CNC Machining

Software development

Catia V5 and NX Macros

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Delivered projects


Satisfied clients


Levente Posset



Elek Szabolcs



Constantin Marin



Blasius Posset

3DScan und 3DDruck

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Das Team

Our team is always at your disposal if you have any questions.

Quality management

ISO 9001:2008

We at Enggraph Solutions place great value on quality and delivery times when processing our customer orders. The effective cooperation in our team and a conscientious quality assurance is the key to our success. In the endeavor to further optimize work processes and quality management in our continuously growing company, we have submitted to the ISO 9001: 2008 certification process. In the course of the certification process, we were able to make small but decisive improvements in our company and demonstrate that we ensure the necessary quality standards in all departments and at their interfaces. EngGraph Solutions GmbH and EngGraph Enginieering S.R.L. has been officially certified according to ISO 9001: 2008 since 05.03.2014.

Our customers

Our customers include well-known companies from the automotive and supplier industries as well as aerospace industry.

Healthy growth

Offices and Locations

As a dynamic, growth-oriented company, our team has 26 employees in 3 offices, located in Germany, Romania and Hungary.